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Saturday, April 27, 2013

About me

Hi! I'm glad to see you on my blog.
I'm just starting to learn English, I use the online machine translator, so I apologize for the mistakes :).

My name is Natalya Zhdanova
I live and work in Russia, St. Petersburg. I paint about 20 years. I also teach my art to other artists, and I can not live without it :)...
I was trained in the folk Moscow university at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. 
I painted various products in the Russian national folk style, I participated in exhibitions, taught on courses of an art painting (Khokloma) . Later I was fond of painting. My favourite materials - a wood, a canvas, paints oil and tempera.
I am happy and proud that my art works are in private collections around the world.
I very hope to find new friends here, and I very hope that my artworks will be pleasant to you.
Please visit my shop with Russian national souvenirs (Nesting dolls, Easter eggs, boxes and jewelry with painting in russian folk style):